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Enni (Eugenia) Androutselli

Founding member of Erifuli

Eugenia Androutselli was born in Athens and grew up in Patras. She studied Psychology at the Department of Psychology of Pantheon University of Social and Political Sciences and is a final student of the Master's program "Applied Positive Psychology and Psychology of Coaching" at the University of East London. At the same time, she has a certificate from the online training program of the Open People's University "Crisis as an opportunity to redefine our lives", as well as from seminars on psychology, while her training does not stop.

She advocates that people can develop and evolve through the empowerment and utilization of the strong elements of their character. In addition, her purpose is through her work to help people, to be empowered, mobilized and find meaning in order to prosper in their lives. She does not ignore the most negative and painful aspects of life, but seeks to help people redefine them in a more positive way, learn from them and make them their weapons. Finally, she believes that self-awareness is an important resource for people, because by knowing their strengths and weaknesses, they can make more targeted choices in their lives and reach their best possible self.

In addition, she is interested in volunteering, which is why he became a member of Ithaca Laundry.

As part of the workshops, she is supervised by Ms. Ioanna Koutsopoulou, psychologist, holder of a master's degree in Counseling, psychotherapist and Gestalt supervisor, trained in CRM Trauma Therapy, with experience in coordinating groups and providing training to students and mental health professionals.

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