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Vasilis Markou

Founding member of "Erifilis"

Lawyer, Graduate of the Department of Philosophy,

MSc Bioethics





64 Shaktouri, Patra

Vassilis Markou is a lawyer, a graduate of the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has been practicing law in Patras since 2014 as his main occupation. In legal science, he was stimulated by the strict methodicality and formality of the reasoning that characterizes it, as well as the rich development of the Greek language, refined over the centuries. At the same time, he did not stop researching through his personal searches topics of wider interests, mainly of philosophical content. This led him, alongside his profession, to complete the undergraduate department of Philosophy in Patras in 2021, while in the same year he started the interdepartmental (Law, Medicine) master's degree in "Bioethics" of the University of Thrace, remotely due to the pandemic , in which he is a senior.

He writes in the press with articles of legal and political interest, such as the following: "Within the Law", Avgi 05-09-2019, "New Illusions Coming from the Past", Epochi 05/16/2020, "Centralized State of Technocrats, Avgi 12 -08-2019, "The rise of crime or the rise of excesses", Avgi 09-07-2019, "The irresponsible bidding of history", Peloponnisos 16-04-2020, "The compulsion of the Constitution", Avgi 21-11-2019.

Since 2019, he has been working as a scientific associate at the Parliament. In 2020, he joined a group of parliamentarians and lawyers with the aim of drawing up an updated legal framework for victims of gender-based violence in the context of the rise of the Greek "metoo" movement. The close relevance of this effort and the scholarly subject of his master's degree to issues of gender and gender discrimination led him to research and engage with legal feminism.

Being a member of Amnesty International, she joined the gender group of the Organization having a continuous and active participation. His participation in Amnesty International began in 2018, contributing to the re-establishment of its branch in Patras. At the same time, he turned the topic of his master's thesis to the feminist dimension of unnecessary medical procedures in caesarean section. With the free self-determination of the body and the emancipation of subjects from patriarchal stereotypes as central indicators of its content, it focused on the violation of women's rights in the processes of reproduction and care. He participates in conferences and informative seminars on the issues of gender inequalities, as a listener and speaker.

He is one of the founding members of "ERIFYLI", hoping to contribute to the effort of holistically addressing unequal parts in relationships, marriage and work, through the legal support of the participants/participants. At the same time, because of the claim to eliminate gender inequalities is linked to scientific research and public information, and because the feminist movement is one of the most maligned movements, it aims to participate with other members in the dissemination of the knowledge that will be produced in "ERIFYLI".

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